Why eCommerce Is Important for Business Growth and Success

The Middle East has long been known as an online retail giant, attracting international

The Middle East has long been known as an online retail giant, attracting international investors. eCommerce has also become a viable way to grow business success and wealth, especially because of the high levels of disposable incomes in the UAE.

Technology in the form of various business models on the internet have been harnessed to leverage consumer spending, and drive business success. Yet, many businesses have failed to take advantage of the myriad benefits offered by the eCommerce business model. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of this business model.

eCommerce and retail overcome geographical barriers

You can still own a traditional brick and mortar business, but expand your business offerings with an eCommerce website. A website enables a greater reach of your target market, particularly if your brand is already established. Using a reputable eCommerce website development company can help your business achieve greater online visibility.

Implementation of the appropriate key words enhances search engine visibility, which helps drive customers to your website. Creation of an online presence leads to improvements in sales, because customers appreciate the convenience of online retail shopping.

eCommerce reduces costs and enables rapid product access

Should you wish to create a small business, an eCommerce store is far more cost-efficient than paying high rentals. Cutting costs while building your business is essential, so operating a small business from home or from an affordable location makes good business sense.

Customers appreciate the convenience of online shopping. Rapid product delivery is another service that they enjoy. Life has become fast in the modern age, so supplying and delivering products and services online is an intelligent business model to pursue. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of this strategy to build their businesses and create success.

Travelling time is decreased, and comparison shopping is enabled

Customers are frequently too busy to travel, which is an additional reason why having an eCommerce store is essential to complementing business success. People prefer to shop online because it is quicker. Online shopping saves them precious time, which they can better use elsewhere.

Purchasing products and services online also affords customers the opportunity to make price comparisons easily. Offer these and other benefits to your customers with an appropriate website, and you increase the potential for the positive growth of your business.

Offer attractive, valuable eCommerce discounts

Depending on the size of your business and whether you are focusing on B2C or B2B products, you can easily control discounts, coupons and other special deals. Bulk deals and delivery are also much easier to track with online analytics tools in this environment.

Provide your customers with helpful information, and lots of it, to build your brand online. Brand building, business personality and reputation management are vital for establishing trust. This helps attracts and retains customers, who are then willing to give your business valuable free marketing by spontaneous referrals.

New Millennials drive eCommerce success

Part of the success experienced by eCommerce stores is that New Millennials love convenience shopping. If they can get onto their smart phones to place an order for a product they like, that's exactly what they will do. Convenience and ease of shopping online drives internet sales.

Disposable incomes in Dubai stand at an average of well over $2,000 after rent, according to a 2019 Deutsche Bank survey. Online purchases are growing at a significant rate because of this availability of spare cash, and 69% of shopping in the UAE now takes place online. Take advantage of the contemporary trends in the market to build business success with a strong eCommerce presence.

Anas Aldib

Managing Director

Digital Technology Expert for SMEs, Entrepreneurs & Marketing Agencies